#XRcon 2022 | Jan Beutgen: User Experience im Corporate Metaverse – Mobile meets VR & AR

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The corporate metaverse as a new kind of brand experience: a special focus will be on device independency to enable easy access and a customized user experience for all kinds of users in all kinds of situations. This includes AR and VR interoperability in addition to desktop and smartphone, making the Metaverse an even more immersive experience. The application areas are manifold, from internal events, employee onboarding or even client meetings. Additionally, the focus will be on compatibility for different devices, usability for non-verbal communication (e.g. chat in VR) and visualization of avatars.

The presentation will be supported by examples and insights from various realized customer projects.

Jan Beutgen, Technical Director at Demodern

The nextReality.Conference 2022, XRcon, was organized by nextReality.Hamburg e.V., an association sharing knowledge and connecting everyone interested in XR.
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