Working with Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality - interview with Pedro Pereira

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Pedro Pereira is the owner of byAR, a company that develops Augmented Reality projects for museums and for other kind of companies.In this interview, he shares his experience with us, by answering to the following questions:
1. What made you interested in this field? 01:25
2. How did you start working in this sector? 02:45
3. Can you give some use cases that currently are used? 04:05
4. What is the most challenging part of your job? 05:35
5. How have you developed since the beginning of your career? 07:35
6. What skills and knowledge are the most important in the sector? 11:00
7. What future trends and developments can you identify in the sector of VR/ AR? 12:10
8. What would you recommend to people who are joining your sector at this time or who are looking for their first job in it? 14:35

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