What The FUTURE Will Hold For VR..

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What The FUTURE Will Hold For VR..

Welcome back to Film Wizard. Years down the road, the metaverse will fundamentally change the way we work, as well as how we get things done in our personal lives. In today’s Connect keynote, we shared a vision of what this future might look like. Thankfully though, we don’t have to wait to see the first steps towards those ideas realized. We’re already seeing glimpses of this future with VR technology like Quest 2 today. From features that increase your productivity in an immersive office that’s free from distractions and isn’t limited by your physical desk space, to using VR to collaborate and work together just like you would in the same room, remote work doesn’t mean what it used to.

Meta's new $1,500 Quest Pro business-targeted VR headset has just arrived, but Meta has confirmed that a mainstream, lower-cost follow-up to the 2-year-old Quest 2 is coming in 2023. The news dropped during Meta's latest earnings report, which revealed that Meta lost another $3.67 billion on its VR/AR division, with expectations for greater losses in 2023. In related news, For the past few years, the Meta Quest 2 has been almost unchallenged as the most popular VR headset. The wireless design and large app store full of immersive games and experiences, along with a relatively low price, made it the first mainstream VR headset ever. Now another huge social media company ByteDance (creator of TikTok) is throwing their hat into the VR ring with the Pico 4, their first consumer focussed wireless VR headset. The Pico 4 seems to be ahead of the game here featuring a higher resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 pixels per eye compared to the Meta Quest 1832 × 1920 pixels per eye. The Pico features 2 separate displays where as the Quest has a single for both eyes. The field of view is also slightly wider in the Pico 4 at 105 degrees vs 96 for the Quest 2. This will make your VR experiences more immersive as you’re less likely to have any interruptions from the outside world. IPD adjustment, which changes the distance between lenses, is more variable in the Pico 4 which features motorized adjustment for any distance. The Quest 4 only features 3 pre-set distances.

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