VR and AR can make a massive difference to Neuro divergent people.

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If anyone wants to interview me about Disabilities, cost of living or VR and how it helps with mental issues, I am completely open to it.

Officially diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar type 2, PTSD, still awaiting assessment on where I am on the Autistic spectrum.
Cancer survivor and currently dealing with GERD.

In VRChat I am Quebber, on Steam Pyrso and on Discord Quebber#1997.

Manifesto runs the Midnight Munchies open mic stand up event in VRchat an amazing place that is so supportive of everyone.
and his discord.

The Mysticle a good friend and great community.

Thank you to Valve for there ongoing 2 years of support and the gifted Valve Index, Thank you to bHaptic for the X16 vest which allows me to be hugged and feel music in VR, Thank you to Tundra Labs for sending me the awesome Tundra Trackers which allow me to connect to my body in VR like nothing else has.

If you want to get in touch with me the above ways or email me at the following jason(AT)deviantedge.org

If you want to help out (you don't have to)
Contact me via twitter or discord or email, I have a wishlist and a paypal for doggie treats and audible books.
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