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Metaverse: Marketing in a Virtual Universe

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The Metaverse has poised a rapid growth opportunity for brands to market themselves. Industry insiders have predicted that much like the Internet we all currently know, the Metaverse will be essential for all brands. So now, marketers will need to adapt and get used to implementing new strategies and harnessing new tools to compete.

Using the Metaverse to Help Grow Your Brand

A few tips marketers can utilise for brand growth include:

Create experiences that tie in with real-life experiences.
Offer virtual advertising where users can experience your ads and message as if they’re a part of it.
Just like in video games, collectables will be available in the Metaverse. So, by offering assets and items as rewards, you could see rapid growth in engagement.
Engage with the community but don’t pester them, and ensure your ads are relevant to them. User-generated content is key.
Don’t get left behind. Never stop experimenting and keep up to date with the Metaverse.
Consider how to build towards interacting with your audience using XR hardware like wearable devices.
Invest in immersive learning and training to enhance the skills of your staff.
The Metaverse is an infinite virtual universe. There is no end, and it will continue to expand as its user community grows until the devices we recognise the most now (e.g. iPhones, laptops, TVs and consoles) become a distant memory. It is difficult to imagine such cutting-edge, futuristic technology, but it is inevitable.


Immersive technology has been redefining the way businesses deliver their services and products to consumers. This revolution greatly enhanced customer experience in a way that no other technologies have been able to provide. Now, consumers can have realistic experiences by plunging into the virtual space before they actually buy a product or service.

Immersive technology can be classified into the following types:

Augmented reality (AR) adds computer-generated objects to the real world
Virtual reality (VR) changes what users see and experience by overlaying a computer-generated environment to the real world
Mixed Reality (MR) combines AR and VR in one experience
Immersive experiences can be built on these digital technologies.

Now that we’ve defined these immersive techniques, let’s find out about the current issues in managing customer experience that can be resolved using AR, VR, or a combination of both.


The use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality started a long time ago.

Nike has its Nike Fit app that leverages AR strategies to get the foot measurement of shoppers and give them a 360 view of what a shoe will look like on them even without physically visiting the Nike stores.

IKEA has its IKEA Place that lets you place true-to-scale digital models of their furniture in real space. This allowed homeowners to check whether a couch or dining set will fit into their rooms without the tiring and time-consuming task of buying furniture and having it delivered only to find out that they don’t fit in their spaces.

Overall, Immersive technology is a creative way to deliver a spectacular shopping experience to consumers whether they are buying online or from a physical shop. Targeting the imagination of consumers gives them a unique experience that makes them thrilled and, later, convinced to purchase..


Collect data and convert it to Digital Data
All objects used in AR and VR are in their digital format.

Decide on how they can be shared with your customers
Now that you know how to use immersive technology to promote your product and make your customers happier when shopping, it’s time to decide on how people can access your AR or VR efforts.

Immersive technology has a big potential to help businesses improve their customer service so that their consumers can feel more satisfied with their shopping. With their power to connect businesses and consumers virtually, customer experience can be greatly improved. It may even serve as an interesting way for consumers and businesses to communicate like they are together in a single space when they are miles apart.

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