Ultimate Mac Pro, EU iPhone 15 Woes & the AppleVerse in VR!

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0:23 Mac Pro With Apple Silicon, what the hell is going on?
4:39 The EU’s designs on Apple
6:56 Our Appleverse VR Future.

I’m iCaveDave and I simplify Apple so everything just works for you

Evan Rodgers
#icaveanswers can you discuss the future of the Mac Pro? When will we get an Apple Silicon powered Mac Pro (or at least something worth more power than the Mac Studio)? Do you think Apple will build one last AMD GPU line (7000 series)?

Team Kinetix
#iCaveAnswers if the EU continue to mandate the features and functionality that smartphones must / must not have, such as USB C, sideloading of apps, and potentially being more easily user-repairable, do you think that Apple might start to make different devices for the European market and the rest of the world, or possibly pull out of Europe altogether? Or do you think it’s not as big of an issue as tech YouTubers would have us believe?

David Black
#icaveanswers 2023 is likely to bring us the first Apple AR/VR headset. But of greater interest perhaps is that we may get a glimpse of Apple's vision for the Appleverse. What do you think an Appleverse might look like and how might it function? And what do you think it means for Apple's future, given that it's a company that has defined our digital lives at important stages -- PCs, mobile, wearables, Apple Silicon, etc. -- in computing's ongoing evolution? Thanks for this great year-end review of Apple's 2022, and for all you do for us as fellow travellers in -- is it too soon? -- the Appleverse.

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