UI/ UX Designers, Roles and Responsibilities | Understanding the responsibilities

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Hi in this video I am going to discuss UI/ UX designers' different roles and their respective responsibilities.

1) Interaction designer: focus on the experience of the product & how the products function. They design the path a typical user will take to complete a task on the app website.

2) Visual designers: they focus on how the products look. They are responsible for logos, icons, illustrations etc.

3) Motion Designer: they are responsible for how the product feels for the user, they think about how to create smooth transitions between pages.

4) VR/AR Designer:

Virtual reality involves a wearable headset that takes over to complete the virtual world whereas Augmented reality uses the physical world as a backdrop & adds virtual elements on top of it.

VR/AR designers are responsible for creating the 3D design.

5) UX Researcher: UX researcher conducts studies or interviews that examine how people use a product. They identify pain points a user faces while using a product & try to fix them.

6) UX Writer: They set the tone of the product. Should it sound technical or friendly?

7) UX program manager: someone who looks at the entire team & makes sure everything functions smoothly & results are delivered in a timely manner.

8) UX Engineer: They code the design, and they also help design teams to figure out if the design is technically feasible.

9) Conversational Designer: the designers design the conversational experience of voice assistant products like google assistant, Siri, Alexa etc.

0:00 - Intro
01:29 - Interaction designer
02:49 - Visual designers
05:42 - Motion Designer
08:05 - VR/ AR Designer
09:56 - UX Researcher
13:21 - UX Writer
14:34 - UX Program Manager
16:07 - UX Engineers
17:12 - Conversational Designer
18:44 - Product Manager
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