Touch feedback (haptics) for AR & VR with Dr. Bob Crocket, HaptX, on the AWE EU 2022 Spotlight

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The AWE EU event gives global professionals the chance to connect in meaningful ways with leaders in the XR industry; to learn best practices for adopting and implementing AR & VR tools; and to grow their businesses—meeting investors, partners, and customers all under a single roof.

Welcome to the a AWE EU EU spotlight. Today, Nathan C, AWE's CMO, talks with Dr. Bob Crockett of HaptX - a haptic feedback device manufacturer known for connected gloves that simulate the many dimensions of touch for digital objects.

Join the conversation to learn more about what to expect at AWE EU, in Lisbon, Portugal October 20-21, 2022. And don't miss your chance to feel the power of real haptics with HaptX.

Learn more and get tickets at
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