This USB cable can charge any gadget #shorts

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Get the Swiss Army knife USB cable:

These days, you need different cables for different devices. Or if you are fancy, you can buy a USB dongle to convert one connector to another. But that’s not practical. This is inCharge X, the Swiss Army knife for USB cable. Though small, it actually can be used for Android phones, tablets, iPad, and iPhones. It has a connector for USB-A, USB-C, and micro-USB, as well as a Lightning connector for iPhones. You can slide open each end of the cable to reveal another connector. It supports various combinations, including the USB-C to USB-C connection that has been used on many modern devices. inCharge X supports power and data transfer at the same time. If you want faster charging time, the cable can deliver up to 100-watt of power to your device. And with its small size, this is the ultimate USB cable you will ever need. Not to mention it also eliminates the need for multiple cables and dongles.

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