The UGREEN 100W GaN charger - covers USB-C (x3) and USB-A (x1) - ideal for Apple silicon MacBook Pro

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No sponsors or affiliate links here - just a happy customer. All of these things can be found on Amazon (UK, in my case).

Take sixty five chargers into the shower? (DON"T DO THIS) Save space and carry one. I bought a UGREEN 100W GaN charger for when I travel, and it covers charging both my 14" M2 Max MacBook Pro as well as my Magsafe Duo iPhone, Apple Watch (Ultra) and AirPods Pro Gen 2.


2 x 100W USB-C
1 x 22W USB-C
1 x 22W USB-A

Covers all my gadgets, and having also bought a TomToc case for my MacBook Pro, it comes with a small case for cables - all of which, including the charger, all fit perfectly.
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