The POWER and DANGERS of VR and Blockchain

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Virtual reality is a fully immersive, secondary world or life or environment. Augmented reality is a blend of what you're seeing in real life, mixed with some of that- more mixed reality.

Metaverse and Metaverse Blockchain are two separate items. You can do a lot of things in the virtual world that you can't do in real life, but the actual blockchain part of it, verifying transactions, currency, tokens, and all that's actually what makes it interesting because if you're actually purchasing real estate online through the Metaverse that actually holds real monetary value here in in the real world.

The Metaverse is used for digital storage of NFTs. If you buy the Delorean from Back to the Future, you can store it in your Metaverse house that paid for in digital real estate. If everything is now done in blockchain, if everything is done in a secondary life, the way transactions are done are going to completely change. Things will be more direct. Metaverse Web 3.0, that concept in itself of people being able to create whatever worlds they want, avatars they want, products that they want, and then go directly to it- it leaves the way we do business on the internet right now behind.

How do we actually use VR or AR to improve human interaction quality or improve communication as a whole? How will social interactions mold? It’ll change social patterns. Virtual reality or augmented reality will help to bring people from different cultures and areas together to work under the same concept and culture.

The lines between virtual reality and real life will be so blurred. A second consciousness will not exist physically, but symbiotically through some invisible portal. What you're feeling, thinking, and experiencing in your brain at that point will be reflected back at you.

There's will be no distinction between reality and real life. At that point, you could program a life filter where everything looks cyberpunk or you could see everyone as beautiful. Dating could even change too- you could get cat-fished, like in real life. However, the order of the world needs to be maintained somehow.

Future opportunities for VR revolve a lot around communication. How do you connect further with other players for games, or coworkers, or feel like you're talking to a real family member right then and there.There is a huge opportunity there to use this VR/ AR technology in medical education. By training future doctors or nurses to know how to react to a specific scenario and become familiar with it before they encounter it in real life could be the difference between saving someone or not. It can help them see beyond 2D teaching resources. Training for simulation, police or military applications for instance, could also run simulations to a very accurate degree. People in high stress positions would be much better equipped through training like this.

There's also a lot of ethics involved in the digital space since it hasn't been really figured out or regulated yet. Making sure someone is a real person and not a criminal or harassing hasn't been figured out in a virtual reality world yet. There'll most likely be a whole digital sector of regulations.

The more integrated VR/ AR becomes into real life, more real and new problems arise because of it and it's terrifying to think about. But much like the small computer most of us carry with us, people will become accustomed to it over time. When the time comes for that technology to be matured enough to bring to a larger majority of people, there will be rules.

The real world will most likely degrade though as the digital world becomes a better place to be. More mental health and mental stability issues will arise because of how idealistic things will be.
Why should someone even participate in the real world at that point? Too much dopamine being produced by nonphysical action is dangerous.

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