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Gravity Lab

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Jump into the world of Gravity Lab. You can play and explore an abandoned moon base solving puzzles, or bring the puzzle fun into your home with pass through mode. Either way you play, you are in for some great puzzle fun. You can make the puzzles a simple solve, or get creative with it and build the ultimate puzzle machine.

This game is a VR must experience. You will be immersed into Gravity Labs world for hours, building machines to solve puzzles. This is by far my new favorite puzzle game. It really makes you think on how to solve each puzzle. With you imagination being the limit to creating a solution to the puzzles, each puzzle has so much replay value. I have finished puzzles in a few simple steps, then played the same puzzle again and made the most complex machine I could to solve the same puzzle. This game is out of this world.

With 55 mind bending puzzles, each with 3 variations and your imagination as the limit to solve them, you will never get board of this puzzle game. The game also has great humor to it that makes the environment a really fun place to be.

If you love puzzle games, this is a must play for sure. There is just so much you can do to solve each puzzle. Play it in VR or AR, you will be challenged and your mind put to the test.

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Quest 2 can be purchased from anywhere new. Must be used before turning on Quest 2.

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