The Future is here: Zuckerberg's Newest VR/AR Headset…for meetings?

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Zuckerberg's vision of the future has a lot of devices like this in it, but how close are we to that future, and what might it look like? The Meta Quest Pro gives us a glimpse into his vision. Will this become a reality?
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Full color passthrough
Pretty glitchy and makes me uneasy, so I never use that. Things wiggle a ton
I wish they had a vertical boundary. I punched the crap out of my ceiling
Blinders to block surroundings if you want
Open layout may help reduce motion sickness
LCD displays
90Hz 1800×1920 per-eye (40% higher ppi, 75% better contrast)
256GB storage
These go 55-75IPD (interpupilary distance) with manual adjustment
Wheel in front adjusts distance from eyes
Thick headband replaces flimsy straps from before
Big fit wheel in back
This is heavier but feels lighter than Quest 2 (722g vs 503g)
Battery in the back for balance
Volume controls and power underneath
3 sensors on controllers for more precise tracking
Could also use hand tracking
Pressure sensor in trigger area for a variable experience
Haptics on controller - has multiple coils for vibrations in different areas
Stylus tips can replace the straps
$1500 is…wow
1-2 hour battery life
Quest 2 is for games and entertainment
Quest Pro is for enterprises and professionals
Iterations on this technology are very very slow. It’s going to be a while before we see any big adoption here

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I bought this with my own money. It was expensive.
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