Sony Just Made Full Body Trackers That Work On Quest! Free Games & Tons More!

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In today's video, I am bringing you once again more news from the VR and AR space. In today's video, we will first be taking a look at the Quest officially coming back to Germany, with Meta accounts now being a thing, this is something we can look forward to. After this, I will tell you about new Full Body Trackers released by Sony that work with multiple different devices, including the Quest standalone. I will also tell you about a free game on the Epic store and Metas massive focus on AR. We will also talk about the Super Smash Bros creator not being against VR and tons more! I hope you enjoy the video :D

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0:00 Intro
0:21 The Quest Is Coming Back To Germany
2:08 Sonys Full Body Trackers That Work With Quest
5:04 Tilt Five Has Made The Lab For Community Apps
6:47 Star Wars Squadrons Is Free Right Now
7:16 Meta Is Putting Most Of Its Money Into AR
9:20 A Success For VR In General
10:13 A Huge Announcement
10:37 Outro

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