Meta Gets Even Larger & CRAZY New Accessories Coming!

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In today's video, I will be bringing you the latest VR and AR news from the beginning of 2023. First of all, we have Meta, getting even larger and acquiring once again another company. This time to help with its lens production. We will then briefly mention the sale Meta had on its VR games for the New Year, and will move onto them upgrading and explaining the AR capabilities of their current VR and AR headsets. Bonelab, has also made it into Steams Best selling. Finally I will tell you about some crazy accessories that have bene announced, including a Facemask for Face tracking and gloves that will create haptics using electricity! I hope you enjoy the video :D

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Meta Gets Even Larger
2:30 The Quest Game Sale
2:54 Meta Scene Understanding & AR
4:53 Bonelab Top Selling
6:14 The New Vive Headset To Compete With Quest Pro
8:08 The Facemask That Tracks Your Face
10:51 VR Gloves That Do Haptics Differently
12:21 Outro

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