Kevin J. Hart On AI, AR, VR In The Construction Space and His "Why" In Entrepreneurship |...

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Kevin J. Hart came up with the idea for Aireal while in class in college. He still has the notebook with is notes today. Kevin has a background in UX, UI design and has brought that to the work he does with his company Aireal since 2013.
From the website: Aireal is a patented geospatial augmented platform that was founded in 2013. Our mission is to offer powerful self-service visualization tools that allow people to experiment and achieve something that would otherwise be impossible.
Aireal currently focuses on providing solutions in real estate development, architecture, construction, and smart cities with plans to expand to adjacent markets in the near future
Kevin says that he keeps a slideshow playing on loop on his Alexa on his desk to remind him of why he does what he does... his family.
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