(ISMAR 2022) EditAR Digital Twin Authoring Environment for AR/VR & Video from a Single Demonstration

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EditAR: A Digital Twin Authoring Environment for Creation of AR/VR and Video Instructions from a Single Demonstration

Augmented/Virtual reality and video-based media play a vital role in the digital learning revolution to train novices in spatial tasks. However, creating content for these different media requires expertise in several fields. We present EditAR, a unified authoring, and editing environment to create content for AR, VR, and video based on a single demonstration. EditAR captures the user’s interaction within an environment and creates a digital twin, enabling users without programming backgrounds to develop content. We conducted formative interviews with both subject and media experts to design the system. The prototype was developed and reviewed by experts. We also performed a user study comparing traditional video creation with 2D video creation from 3D recordings, via a 3D editor, which uses freehand interaction for in-headset editing. Users took 5 times less time to record instructions and preferred EditAR, along with giving significantly higher usability scores.

DOI: 10.1109/ISMAR55827.2022.00048
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