Installing & Building to Android (AR, VR, Mobile) UE5.1 | Unreal Engine 5.1

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In this video I show you what to download and setup, step-by-step on your PC and android phone so that you can test your Unreal Engine 5.1 AR (augmented reality), Top down, first person, third person games, and apps for android.

I show you how to build / download / install your UE5.1 project / game / app onto your android phone.

FOR UE5 (not UE5.1):

Download links:
Android Studio:
JDK 18 JRE 8:
Visual Studio:
DotNet 5.0 runtime:
DotNet 3.1 runtimes:

0:00 Intro
0:35 Android Studio download
1:50 Java Downloads
3:00 Visual Studio Download and setup
4:00 .NET Runtime Downloads
4:44 Android Studio Setup
6:24 UE5 Setup
8:14 Phone Setup
9:03 Building!
10:10 Fixing Build Issues
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