How to create Widgets for Windows 11

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Learn how to create a widget for Windows 11!

The widget board is a component of Windows 11 that appears over the desktop when a user clicks the taskbar icon or selects ⊞ Win+ W containing a grid of adaptive cards with text, images, and actions related to your app.

J.P. Roca shows you how to create a Widget for your app in order to improve engagement with Windows 11 users, along with a few quick demos showing what Widgets can do.

In this episode:

00:00 J.P. Roca, PM for Widgets at Microsoft, shows the Widget board and what Widgets can do.
01:04 The three high-level steps needed to create a Widget for your desktop app (Design the Widget card, Implement the communication interface, Register your Widget).
01:34 The six methods used to communicate between the Widget board UI and your desktop app (Create, Delete, OnAction, OnChanged, Activate, Deactive).
02:20 Creating the UI for your app's Widget using the Adaptive Cards Designer.
03:04 Implementing the six communication methods with Widget interface in your C# app project using Visual Studio.
04:25 Registering your Widget using the Appx Manifest.
05:17 Testing your Widget by deploying it to the Widget board.
06:15 Learn more in the documentation at or share feedback at

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