How to Clean the USB Charging Port on the HUAWEI Nova 10 SE Using Household Items

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Learn more about the HUAWEI Nova 10 SE:
In today's simple yet very useful video tutorial we would like to demonstrate how you can remove trash and junk from the USB charging port of your HUAWEI Nova 10 SE smartphone using simple items anybody has at home, such as a toothbrush. Thereby, if you would like to learn how to correctly clean a USB port of a HUAWEI Nova 10 SE mobile device using a toothbrush, we are gladly encouraging you to view this video. Please enjoy and thanks for watching!

How to remove trash from the USB port of the HUAWEI Nova 10 SE? How to clean the charging port of the HUAWEI Nova 10 SE using a toothbrush? How to maintain the HUAWEI Nova 10 SE?


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