Get Ahead of the Game: AR/VR Development With My New XR Courses !

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Today I am happy to announce a presale of 3 new courses tailored specifically for XR development. Presale period starts today February 6th through February 25th 2023 and it provides you with 50% off from courses original price.

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1- AR Development With AR Foundation: Learn AR Foundation from start to finish with everything needed to build and deploy your first Augmented Reality experience.
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2- VR Development With XR Interaction Toolkit: Learn to develop VR experiences with the latest XR Interaction Toolkit which provides cross-platform support and a common set of VR components to cover most use cases needed today.
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3- C# Programming Fundamentals With Unity: Learn the basics of C# programming with console applications and also by using the power of Unity scripting. This course will be fundamental to learning AR or VR development.
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???? All courses will provide you with a certificate upon completion which is automatically generated and sent to you via email. Also launch date for XR courses are: C# course launches April 10th and AR/VR courses on April 17th.

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