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Ingredients Needed:

Sheets of Seaweed called Kimbap Kim
Strips of pickled burdock root
Pickled yellow radish
Strips of fried egg
Slices of bacon
Strips of crab
Strips of ham
Malt Vinegar
Sesame Oil

Cooking Materials:

Bamboo rolling mat
Frying pan
Rice bowl


1. Cook the rice until sticky but not too wet (please use a rice cooker)
2. Lay out strips of ingredients on a plate for easy access
3. Cook materials that need to be cooked ie bacon, ham, spinach, eggs etc
4. Layout the remainder of the cooked ingredients on your plate
5. Lay out your sheet of seaweed on top of the bamboo map
6. Mix in one tablespoon of vinegar into the rice, add one pinch of salt, one tablespoon of sesame oil, and knead the rice lightly into a ball
7. Take a ball of rice and evenly place it on 80% of the sheet of seaweed
8. Place your prepared ingredients in strips in the middle of the laid out rice
9. Roll the forward slowly and in small back and forth movements to keep the shape and neatness of materials together
10. Now take the brush and first seal the edge of the seaweed without rice to the roll with water (not a lot of water light strokes) and then also brush light layers of sesame oil around the entire roll to help seal the entire roll
11. Take a knife and cut your roll into your desired thickness recommended to keep it around 2 cm to 1 inch thick
12. Enjoy your yummy KimBob

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