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Andreas Forsland -

Andreas is the Founder & CEO of Cognixion, the Assisted Reality company based in Santa Barbara, California and Toronto, Ontario.

Cognixion ONE is a brain computer interface that is integrated with an augmented reality display. It has wide ranging implications as foundational technology for a future metaverse where our mind and body are immersed into the user experience.

The primary focus at Cognixion is ensuring that the future of AR is universally accessible with the help of biological sensors and intuitive user interfaces and is designed to assist millions of people with complex disabilities using their face, eyes and now brain as a direct control interface for mobile and AR, and is addressing the needs of a half billion people worldwide with physical and communication challenges.

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Hosted by Samuel J Cummings III -

Samuel J Cummings III is an author, experienced customer success leader and data scientist who has traveled the world teaching businesses how to use data science to develop more empathy and understanding of their clients needs. He is currently CEO of his own startup out of Saint Louis Missouri called Dataplant. With over 10+ years of experience in the predictive analytics and customer success industries he along with his two co-founders have built the world's first Sentient AI Analytics platform. Learn more about him and his groundbreaking company below.

Dataplant Website -

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