Best AR VR Gift for the tech lover in your life

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Best AR VR Gift for the tech lover in your life

Check out ARTscapes using link and discount code "CRISD15"

Check out Insta360's X3 camera + Free Accessory:

Looking for the best gift for the tech-savvy person in your life? Look no further than AR/VR technology! Whether they're a gamer or simply looking to enhance their multimedia experience, AR/VR headsets make for the perfect gift. These cutting-edge devices allow users to immerse themselves in virtual worlds and interact with augmented reality, making for a truly unique and exciting gift. So why wait? Give the gift of AR/VR and watch their eyes light up with excitement!

ARTscapes is an online art gallery that sells real paintings to beautify your home and entertain not just yourself, but anyone who visits your home space. With powerful AR technology and their free app, they immerse you into a world where paintings can be brought to life, and all you'd need to make this possible is a phone, or tablet, one of their paintings, and their app. They have canvas and print arts that are affordable and suited for all kinds of occasions. The print arts are less pricier at around $30 than the canvas art, which is priced around $200 each. However, the print arts are not in any way lesser in quality or experience than the canvas art. With any of them, you can enjoy the maximum AR experience that the product promises to give.

Another product we recommend is the Insta360's X3 camera, one of the newest products in the pack. It is also a camera that can shoot 360 photos and videos and can be used to create virtual tours and offers a wholesome and exciting experience. It allows you to mount up the camera, hit record, and choose the best angles afterward by using the Insta360 app's reframing tools. It shoots first-person views, and drone-like views, and stabilizes your image no matter how bumpy what you're doing might be. It has an internal editing suite that allows AI to do the editing on your behalf on the Insta360 app.

Finally, the Beat Saber by Beat Games is one of the best VR games you can offer your tech lover friend. This is both engaging and entertaining. In the game, users are immersed in a neon-like environment and made to slash cubes that fly their way with a saber while dancing to the rhythm of their favorite song. It is not restricted to one kind of song in there. There are songs from The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and other popular celebrity artistes. If you add this to your friend's collection of games this season, they'll be happy with you.

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