Augmented & Virtual Reality Could REVOLUTIONIZE How We Work..

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Augmented & Virtual Reality Could REVOLUTIONIZE How We Work..

Welcome back to Tech Tremble, today on the channel we are going to find out Amazing Ways to Apply Augmented and Virtual Reality in Industry. Companies that embrace augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) and other technologies tend to pull ahead of those that don’t. If you’re looking for ways to implement these advances, you might wonder about the best methods to start using them. After all, you likely have several systems already in place. The good news is you don’t have to reinvent every process in your factory. VR in industry perfects what you’re already doing, providing tools you might not otherwise have and helping train your employees and track the health of machines along the way. In a recent report by eMarketer, experts predicted the number of AR users will reach 89.4 million this year and hit 110.3 million by 2025. Although not all those people are in industry, many are. As the general public continues to use AR and VR, tapping into their power for manufacturing makes sense.

Create Better Processes. AR in industry might look like a workspace with a projector showing step-by-step instructions for a new employee. Perhaps some of the tasks completed by your staff are only done occasionally. It’s easy to forget all the intricate details in between. AR can give them a checklist to go through so nothing major gets left out. VR in industry might allow your engineers to try a new method without actually implementing it. They can put in a headset and work on a machine or step onto a worksite to see how new things might look or work with what’s already there. Improve Accuracy. One example of an industry that would benefit greatly from digitization is construction. Many companies have lagged in implementing new technology, but adding AR and VR tools can lower costs and speed up production. You can even improve safety for your crew. Around two-thirds of those surveyed expect digitization to increase in the construction industry in the near future. If you want to remain competitive, you should start adding things now to stay on top of the changes. For example, you could add VR glasses where your foreman could see the projected layout of a finished project and ensure the footers for a foundation are correct. Keep watching to know more Amazing Ways to Apply Augmented and Virtual Reality in Industry.

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