Atrago | Graphene Displays For Ar/Vr/Hud Applications

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Santiago Cartamil-Bueno, Managing Director

Atrago is a display technology innovator that has developed a novel graphene MEMS solution. We are targeting the more advanced display sub-segments such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) glasses and heads-up displays (HUD) as the first part of a broader mainstream adoption strategy for our new technology

AR/ VR devices and HUDs require exceptional displays to enhance user experience. Currently, display manufacturers seek to achieve high resolution, high refresh rates and low power consumption. Standard technologies lack the performance and efficiency required and rely on an internal light generation causing high consumption of power. Atrago's technology combines the best performance in each category guaranteeing a premium and sustainable solution.

Atrago has developed a graphene-based electro-opto-mechanical system addressing the needs of the AR/VR and head-up displays industry. The solution is a reflective display whose pixels are mechanical micro-optical cavities made of graphene nano-sheets. The pixels can be electrically controlled to modulate ambient light and produce natural colours. This eliminates the need to use battery power to generate light in bright environments.
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