Apple Vr Technology REVEALED This Headset Will Change Your Life

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Apple VR Technology REVEALED: This Headset Will Change Your Life
Rumors about Apple working on a top secret headset project have reached a fever pitch in recent months. At the same time, the buzz has grown increasingly chaotic — Apple is reportedly planning to use mixed reality (MR) rather than just augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), but how exactly will that work? How will the device appear? And what characteristics will it have? Stay tuned as we explore more on Apple Vr Technology.

People have been speculating about the device's name since the first Apple headset rumors began circulating on the internet. Apple Glass was the first widely publicized name.

Gurman proposed several options for Apple, including Apple Vision, Apple Reality, Apple Sight, and Apple Lens. Gurman has since doubled down on the Apple Reality moniker. Apple registered trademarks for the names "Reality Pro," "Reality One," and "Reality Processor" in late August. Gurman believes Apple will call its first headset Reality Pro and that the name suggests it will be a high-end device, possibly competing with Meta's upcoming Quest Pro.

The Information's May report also included an intriguing tidbit about the headset's body: it could use straps that look suspiciously similar to those on the Apple Watch Sport Band. It's not the first time one Apple device has taken design cues from another — the AirPods Max headphones, for example, borrow the Apple Watch's Digital Crown and the Home-Pod Mini's fabric mesh.
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